Wednesday, December 8, 2010


May nabasa ako. Sadyang ganun daw, masakit at malungkot, wala ng magagawa kundi tanggapin na lang ang kapalaran kinasasadlakan. Heto ang sabi ko sa loob-loob ko (at sana mabasa niya ito)

Hahayaan mo na lang ba, kung ano ang itapon sa iyo ng tadhana?

Di ka man lang ba lalaban?

At tatanggapin na lang lahat ng kasakitan.

Magsasakripisyo na lang.

At hindi alam kung hanggang kailan.

Meron naman paraan. Kung nagawa nga ng iba, bakit ikaw hindi mo kaya?

Huwag lang maging mangmang.

Tandaan, ang oras hindi kailanman maibabalik.

Kapag lumipas na yan, ay nako paalam.


Hanggang sa muli!

Coach Jervis
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon

I rarely see TV commercials as sensible as this one.

The title itself is a wake up call for those who are DRIFTERS in our existing time.

Drifters are living individuals not knowing why they exist, that's why they just drift along . They walk on this earth unaware of their purpose in life.

When you're unaware of your purpose, the world will paint it for you.

They do the things that they do continuously even if they hate it already: simply because they choose to play it safe. They've decided to let their circumstance dictate how they should live instead of them deciding how to they should live.

Have you ask yourself: Why am I doing what I'm doing? Why am I enrolled this course? Why am I doing this business? Is there even a reason? The question is simple: Why?

Para kanino ka bumabangon? Para kanino nga ba?

Bumabangon ka ba ng may dahilan? O katulad ka ng maraming bumabangon na lang sa kawalan at parang robot na awtomatikong gumigising at nagtatakbuhan ng walang patutunguhan?
'Pag tinulungan mo ang isang tao, parang buong bayan na rin ang bumabangon
(Why do you wake up? To whom do you wake up?

Do you wake and rise up with a reason? Or you are just like the many who wakes up into oblivion and like robots they automatically run without a destination?

When you help other people, it's like the entire country rises up)

Until the next time!

Coach Jervis
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


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blogging because I want everyone to learn how to fish, instead of just eating fish

Too Afraid to Fail

One of the major reasons why people don't go into business is that they are too afraid to fail.


Here are the most common justifications that people share about being too afraid to fail in business.

Maybe you'll recognize some of them.

1. I don't have the skills to succeed in business, so I will just fail.

2. I don't have money to start one. And I'm afraid to borrow money. I might end up in debt with no money.

3. If I do have money, it's to risky to invest it. I might just lose it.

4. Most business fails. My neighbor / friend / relative tried doing a business and he/she failed. So, chances are I might fail too.

5. My friends and family are just as afraid as I am.

6. My friends and family don't like me going into business or taking risks. They say what if you fail and you lose everything. They don't like to see me broke and unhappy.

7. I'm comfortable with my job and it's steady paycheck, so I'm afraid that I might lose the comfort of regular money on the ATM.

8. If I fail, I'm afraid I might not be able to bounce back.

9. I'm afraid to fail because I don't believe myself that I will succeed.

10. I'm not good enough.

In fact, no one wants to fail. As in no one. Who does?

Unfortunately, failing is a part of life. Everyone fails.

You failed at coming to work or an appointment on time. Can you count how many times?

You failed to see your child's graduation day because you were stuck on meeting.

You failed to lose weight after you promise yourself to go on a diet or exercise.

You failed to meet your promises. I know you do!

You even failed to meet your job description!

You failed to keep your resolutions.

You failed many times.

The truth is, everyone fails at some point.


In the subject of TOO AFRAID TO FAIL in venturing or even starting a business, is actually a born out of CHOICE.

There's always risk involve, but at the end of the day, the CHOICE you're going to make determines the kind of result you will have.

If you choose not to do it or even try it because you are TOO AFRAID TO FAIL, then most likely you're results will always be limited!

Remember, business or being good in business is never an inborn talent. It is taught and learned just like discipline is taught to a child.


Until the next time!

I am Coach Jervis

"we empower people to their full potential"

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