Wednesday, December 8, 2010


May nabasa ako. Sadyang ganun daw, masakit at malungkot, wala ng magagawa kundi tanggapin na lang ang kapalaran kinasasadlakan. Heto ang sabi ko sa loob-loob ko (at sana mabasa niya ito)

Hahayaan mo na lang ba, kung ano ang itapon sa iyo ng tadhana?

Di ka man lang ba lalaban?

At tatanggapin na lang lahat ng kasakitan.

Magsasakripisyo na lang.

At hindi alam kung hanggang kailan.

Meron naman paraan. Kung nagawa nga ng iba, bakit ikaw hindi mo kaya?

Huwag lang maging mangmang.

Tandaan, ang oras hindi kailanman maibabalik.

Kapag lumipas na yan, ay nako paalam.


Hanggang sa muli!

Coach Jervis
"helping people be the best they can be"

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Para Kanino Ka Bumabangon

I rarely see TV commercials as sensible as this one.

The title itself is a wake up call for those who are DRIFTERS in our existing time.

Drifters are living individuals not knowing why they exist, that's why they just drift along . They walk on this earth unaware of their purpose in life.

When you're unaware of your purpose, the world will paint it for you.

They do the things that they do continuously even if they hate it already: simply because they choose to play it safe. They've decided to let their circumstance dictate how they should live instead of them deciding how to they should live.

Have you ask yourself: Why am I doing what I'm doing? Why am I enrolled this course? Why am I doing this business? Is there even a reason? The question is simple: Why?

Para kanino ka bumabangon? Para kanino nga ba?

Bumabangon ka ba ng may dahilan? O katulad ka ng maraming bumabangon na lang sa kawalan at parang robot na awtomatikong gumigising at nagtatakbuhan ng walang patutunguhan?
'Pag tinulungan mo ang isang tao, parang buong bayan na rin ang bumabangon
(Why do you wake up? To whom do you wake up?

Do you wake and rise up with a reason? Or you are just like the many who wakes up into oblivion and like robots they automatically run without a destination?

When you help other people, it's like the entire country rises up)

Until the next time!

Coach Jervis
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Thursday, December 2, 2010


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Happy reading!
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Too Afraid to Fail

One of the major reasons why people don't go into business is that they are too afraid to fail.


Here are the most common justifications that people share about being too afraid to fail in business.

Maybe you'll recognize some of them.

1. I don't have the skills to succeed in business, so I will just fail.

2. I don't have money to start one. And I'm afraid to borrow money. I might end up in debt with no money.

3. If I do have money, it's to risky to invest it. I might just lose it.

4. Most business fails. My neighbor / friend / relative tried doing a business and he/she failed. So, chances are I might fail too.

5. My friends and family are just as afraid as I am.

6. My friends and family don't like me going into business or taking risks. They say what if you fail and you lose everything. They don't like to see me broke and unhappy.

7. I'm comfortable with my job and it's steady paycheck, so I'm afraid that I might lose the comfort of regular money on the ATM.

8. If I fail, I'm afraid I might not be able to bounce back.

9. I'm afraid to fail because I don't believe myself that I will succeed.

10. I'm not good enough.

In fact, no one wants to fail. As in no one. Who does?

Unfortunately, failing is a part of life. Everyone fails.

You failed at coming to work or an appointment on time. Can you count how many times?

You failed to see your child's graduation day because you were stuck on meeting.

You failed to lose weight after you promise yourself to go on a diet or exercise.

You failed to meet your promises. I know you do!

You even failed to meet your job description!

You failed to keep your resolutions.

You failed many times.

The truth is, everyone fails at some point.


In the subject of TOO AFRAID TO FAIL in venturing or even starting a business, is actually a born out of CHOICE.

There's always risk involve, but at the end of the day, the CHOICE you're going to make determines the kind of result you will have.

If you choose not to do it or even try it because you are TOO AFRAID TO FAIL, then most likely you're results will always be limited!

Remember, business or being good in business is never an inborn talent. It is taught and learned just like discipline is taught to a child.


Until the next time!

I am Coach Jervis

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Friday, November 26, 2010

If A Man Empties His Purse Into His Head... What do you think will happen?

This is an open invitation to ANYONE who is WILLING TO LEARN

Money is a result of our inner world.

Our inner world is the sum total of how we think and how we feel.

If you are poor, it is because you have a poor mind and poor thoughts.

If you're rich, then you have a rich mind and rich thoughts.

Are you poor?
Are you financially struggling?
Are you swimming in bad debt?
Do you feel like you're not getting ahead? 

If you're answer is yes, then read further!

If you really want to achieve your dreams and goals, and you want to have a meaningful life than just being mediocre and a drifter in life, then you need to CHANGE! Why? Because everything that you do today is far and not enough to get you to your goal.

Start by changing what you listen to, who you talk with, what you watch and what you read. Start by changing the thoughts that you put inside of you!

The WEALTH COURSE is an absolutely free course that will teach you:
  • Skills on how to achieve financial success 
  • A simple but powerful Money Management that you can pass on to your friends, relatives and love ones
  • How to have a Rich Mindset that will open the gates of opportunities you never looked before
  • What does it take to be really financially successful
  • To become aware of your limiting and disempowering beliefs ~ beliefs that are the main reason why you are poor
  • How to jumpstart your way to getting out of the "rat race" and really "free"
What are you waiting for? The world doesn't wait for winners. If you want to win your game called LIFE you have to take action.

Ready to CHANGE, reserve a seat and attend this free course!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There are 2 ways on how you can avail this Program

Send me an Email with your NAME and Mobile Number to 

- or -
Send me a TXT Message 
"I'm Interested in the Wealth Course" 
to my mobile # (0917) 785 6451

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Freedom Defined

Physical freedom allows the body to move freely to whatever it wants.

You are physically free if you can do the following without restrictions:
- dance
- walk
- run
- jump
- move from point a to point b
- you already get the idea

 You are physically struggling or unfree if you are:
 - in jail
- handicapped

I just realized how grateful I am that I am physically able and free.

In the eyes of a person in jail or someone suffering a physical handicapped, our world is a bliss to them.

Now, allow me to get to my point.

Financial Freedom is the ability to live the lifestyle you desire without having to work or relying on anyone else for money - Module 1, CA2020 Wealth Course

Given that definition, how does a financially free life sound or look to you?
Please share your thoughts in the comment box.

Are You Listening to Your Signs?

The last weekend wasn't good for me.

I was in the hospital seeking medical relief for the most painful case of stiff neck I had for as far as I remember.

The pain was absolutely grueling.

Every movement of muscles on the left side shoulder and neck meant immediately an avalanche of pain as if I was hit by a truck!

Getting up almost made me weep. I had to pull every effort of care to make sure not a tissue will move.

If you can measure how heavy the punches of Manny Pacquiao are, the pain I experienced saturday and sunday was like me getting beaten by the great boxer of our time.

I tell you, it was really painful!

So I spent the Sunday afternoon in the triage area of a hospital.

But this time I had to suffer again. Not from the shots of the vaccine but from the sights of: 2 deaths in the emergency trauma room, helpless looking women in wheelchairs, a lady vomiting black mucus (eew), eternal crying babies and a wandering schizo.

Perhaps, the psychological beating was more painful than the physical, won't you agree?

The Cause

The truth is, I didn't listen to the signs.

Earlier last week, I was already having a strain in the nape. Tolerable that is. So I didn’t bother.

It started as early as Tuesday. Still I didn’t bother.

The way the bed and pillow and a bunch of stuff (supposedly not in the bed) was arranged caused the straining neck. Again I didn’t listen.

Saturday morning. I went jogging with the hopes of my fat belly getting smaller. Again I didn’t listen to the hurting neck. Just as I was to finish the 2nd kilometer stretch I felt a stinging blow on the left shoulder neck area. And the rest was history.

What if

Yeah! What if I listened to the signs?

It surely made quite a difference. I wouldn’t have missed the Cashflow event last Saturday (when we have a new venue by the way).

I would not have missed the Wellness Gathering event in the late afternoon; I believe amazing and new surprises had happen in the Create Abundance community this weekend.

Instead, I spent all day, recuperating from the pain, lying down, sleeping yet hurting and almost immovable.

“I suffered because I didn’t listen to the signs”

Are you listening to your signs?

As I write these, I’m still not 100% recovered.

So I would like to ask you dear reader if you are listening to your own signs? Signs, not only of physical health but most importantly of financial well-being.

Below are examples of what could cause a personal financial crisis and disaster.

Signs of Looming Financial Disaster

1. Zero skill in managing money. Does this happen to you? You get your salary on payday. You feel happy. You spend, spend and spend, and 1 or 2 days after you’re back to square one, scrimping on what’s left over. The days feel like hell. Until payday again, you spend, spend and spend and…

2. Max-out (or almost) credit cards. It goes back to mis-management of money. Coupled with spending money on “doodads” or on things you unnecessarily need and want but takes away money from your pocket.

3. Inability to determine if an expense is an Asset or a draining Liability. Most of the time, people buy high-end cell phones, low priced installment cars, or a pre-selling condo thinking that they got the best deal because they thought that “these are investments”. They earnestly believe (especially for real estate property such as the condo) will “surely” sell for a high price in the future. (~> says who? --Jervis)

4. Lack of discipline. Need I say more?

5. Lack of, or no priorities in life. Yes, what is it that matter to you most? The next gimmick to the bar or your buried childhood dream of becoming the richest man on the planet?

6. Addiction. This applies to addiction to games, tv shows, to vices and etc. Example. At 2 pesos a pop, a stick of cigarette is really cheap. But a stick of cigarette for 365 days is 730 pesos a year. It cost you money and a hole in the lungs. And who says you’re only smoking one stick a day?

7. Fear. You’ve been saving money all your life. Because you fear that disaster might struck you one day. And you fear you don't have any money to pay for it. Well guess what, you might just get it!

8. Your neighbors opinion dictates you. You see your neighbor, either at home or the neighbor cubicle in the office or the neighbor facebook friend, sporting a brand new thing. You got jealous and you want to show to the world you are better than the rest of them so you spend for your ego.

9. The habit of over-spending. You bite more than you could chew. In short, you spend more than you earn.

10. You are easily hyped.

These are just 10 signs that will surely cause financial distress. Please add in the comments what signs you can think of.

3 Things You Can Do to Win a Healthy Financial Life

Get financially educated! You spent 4 or 5 years trying to be an accountant, or engineer, or some skilled IT guy because during the time, those that around told you that to be "successful" you must complete a college degree. Later you realize that life is really unfair. That not everyone will get a job. And even those that have job fair no better. They complain on high taxes, are stressful and all. If you spend time and money learning biology, physics and HRM, well spend time and money to learn how to make money!

Create Abundance International Community offers two (2) financial education programs that can be availed by almost anyone. The WEALTH COURSE and CASHFLOW 101. Both programs are designed to liberate your thinking from an employee mindset into an abundant big business owner mindset. (If you're interested to avail these free and paid programs, drop me a comment or txt me 09177856451)

Set goals and prioritize your life. We only get to live once. Why not live and get rich? People tend to drift because they don't know where they're going and what do they want in life. Remember, if you don't know where you're going how do you know it if you have arrived. So set your goals and bring back those dreams you had when you were a child.

Take action. Nothing happens when you just read this and that. You have to be push yourself into action to create genuine results. Embrace mistakes and failures. It’s a part of life and success. Nothing in this world succeed without ever meeting a failure. And as soon as you reach success, don’t forget to celebrate and share.

There I'm done! Hey, I just realized the weekend wasn’t bad after all!

Until the next post..

Coach Jervis
(0917) 785 6451
Create Abundance International Community
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Taxi Driver's Appeal

Everyday is always extraordinary.

Whenever I ride a taxi, I always pull and anticipate a quality conversation with the man in the driver seat.

It was 15 minutes prior 2pm of yesterday when I boarded a typical white taxi along Kalayaan Avenue ~ a few meters from Saint Andrew’s Church in Reposo, Makati.

The sun was up blasting it’s usual painful UV rays, so riding the jeepney would surely make me sweat. Besides I was really in a hurry so I took a cab and sped off.

Manong driver was old, wearing glasses and a cap. His entire hair is almost white. He was silent at first. The radio was on and tuned-in to an A.M. station.

I wasn’t particularly paying attention to it, until there was a female voice iterating her success story about finally claiming her pension from SSS after probably hurdling some “delays” and “stressful issues”, purportedly with the help of the radio station’s public service unit.

Literally, as soon as the radio commercial kicked in, Manong driver heave a long sigh of desperation. Immediately he uttered expletive words cursing the pension institution.

Obviously, he was complaining about SSS’s inadequacies and delays in releasing pensions to retirees.

He further cement his claim when he told me that he was already 64 years old, still working as a poor taxi driver and literally can’t afford to retire because SSS is yet to materialize his monthly cash flow that will sustain his needs for the rest of his life.

His Kumpare suffers  the same. He shared to me his Kumpare’s fate ~got sicked and everything, and yet the claims has not been given duly.

Endless Complains Follows

He complained a lot during the 20-minute trip. He complained about SSS, blamed SSS for his inability to retire.

He complained on SSS’s allegedly giving special and quick favors to relatives or close associates when these are the ones needing help.

He even complained and blamed the government, as if the Office of the President caused all the reasons of his poor state.


This may sound rude to say, but Manong Driver is a loser!

He’s already 64 and he has yet to realize, for himself, that his entire life has been driven by circumstances and the whims of those that surrounded him.

He is a loser because he bet his entire future on SSS alone.

Yes I believe he is a hardworking man. But he was busy for most of his life. Busy trying to make a living day after day, trying to make ends meet so that his family will have food on the table and send his children to school

What he didn’t know, he was busy his entire life working hard to make somebody else’s dream happen. And that’s, the dreams of his former employers and company he worked for.

Full Circle

Almost a decade after, all of my friends are busy. Whenever I tried to reach them out, call or txt or email, they either send me a busy response or never response at all.

I share them a golden opportunity, an investment of financial education, the free wealth course, yet most of them were busy. Last year they were busy. Today they are still busy. Isn’t it funny?

The fact is, we are all busy!

Perhaps the question everyone should ask themselves, what are you busy working at? Are the things that you do today, as in now, will move you forward to something that will liberate you from modern slavery?

Think about!

Think about the taxi driver. Sooner or later, you may find yourself in the same situation... hopeless, cursing and complaining.

Remember, if you want a bright tomorrow, it has to be created today.

One question

Before I get off the taxi, I ask Manong a simple question. Ano po ang plano nyo nyan? He answered, he will do everything he could, including getting help from radio stations and superheroes. If it requires him everyday, he would literally knock on SSS doors until he get that pension which he will begin on his 65th birthday next year. I said, good luck, handed him my payment, step down and never looked back.

How about you? When are you going to be busy for your dreams?

Until then,

Coach Jervis
Business Coach
Create Abundance International Community
"We empower people to be free"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Pinoy Drama, Bad News and Instant Millionaires

Why change?

If things don’t work out anymore, it’s time to change.

If you’ve been doing the same activities over and over again and you are expecting different results --that’s insanity according to Albert Einstein. It’s time to change.

When you realize you have more misses than hits and your personal goals in life seem far fetched. When you realize what you’ve been doing all these years will never get you to the life you desire, it’s high time to be aware that you need change. And lots of changes!

“Awareness is the first step to change” – Module 1

When I was a kid, television was the thing people spend most of their time during the entire day. Today, the computer and internet grabbed a share of the total distractions and busyness of most people’s lives. But television hasn’t lost its glory yet. With the advent of LCDs and plasmas, television just shows it’s here to stay.

Television is a channel of information, entertainment and whatever. Therefore, it’s not difficult to translate that these television shows play a major contribution to the formation of the mindset of its viewers. So what does the local television shows contribute to the Filipino mindset? Read on to find out.

Here’s a rundown of the usual stuff you’ll see on TV

News – being a college campus journalist several years back, I had an experience being a newsman, an editorial and opinion writer. And in journalism, whether print, radio or broadcast, good news is no news. Bad news is good news. In short, all we see on news channels are bad news. I’m definitely sure you will agree bad news is a source of negative thoughts.

Dramas – do you still remember these shows? Mara Clara, Anna Luna, Agila, Esperanza, Habang May Buhay, Mula sa Puso, Marimar, Maria La del Bario, Meteor Rain and the list goes on and on. Most of these shows appeared on prime time when most people are glued on TV.

Basically all tv drama stories are the same. The antagonist is a rich bastard who took advantage of the poor bida. No wonder almost everyone is emotional and full of drama in their lives. What I just realize while writing this is the reason why the same kinds of shows are still seen on local television since as far as I remember. And it’s because it is a very profitable market for the broadcast industries. Filipinos are generally emotional, they create shows that feed on these emotions capturing this market and eventually make profit!

The point is, being too emotional doesn’t contribute to having a positive attitudes and success.

Game shows – I admit, I love watching Eat Bulaga during my high school. But again awareness is the first step to change. So, I don’t watch the show anymore, neither Wowowee, Game Ka Na Ba, PBB, etc. Simply because these kinds of shows encourage the attitude of dependent on sheer dumb luck. It promotes laziness! It pushes people to procrastinate and have their dreams lie in the hands of hosts of pera or bayong and laban o bawi. It propagates the poor mentality among its viewers.

Again, these kind of shows feed on the poor demographic. According to a 2006 poverty statistic report, there are 27.6 million poor Filipinos. The market is really big for this business and I’m sure giving away 1 million pesos is not that a big deal. Game shows appear to be the last string of hope for these poor folks. But unfortunately, in my opinion, giving away money will never do any good to anyone. It’s similar to giving people fish instead of teaching them how to fish. Do not be surprise when that poverty number will increase.

Reasons to Turn-off or Shy Away from the TV

Negative stories and thoughts.
Too much emotional drama feeding on fear instead of courage.
Procrastination, laziness and poor mentality habits.

These are totally inexistent in the mindset and being of a winner, of a successful person.

Laying your future on pure luck is insanity. What is the probability that your SMS entry will be picked as the winner? That’s like 1 out of 27 million, a 0.0000003% or 0(zero) chance of winning it. Zero chance of winning it because there’s no performance involved. But if you take action towards your future and you put it in your hands, you persevere and you perform to your highest ability, you can definitely affect the outcome. You can definitely meet success.

Negative thoughts leads to negative actions and negative actions yield to negative results and loser position. I’m not saying to shut your world from the news. You see, bad news really does happen. It’s been happening since as far as I remember. What I’m suggesting is to dis-associate from openly seeking sources of negative thoughts. Just ask yourself, what good does it give whenever you watch news? It will just give you headache and makes you feel bad. When you do, the rest of your day is ruined. If there’s news that you really need to know, someone or somewhere you’ll find it out.

Winners take action continuously, proactively and never in their mind procrastination, poor mindset and laziness. In life, there are winners and losers. Our habits speak whether we are a winner or not.

The Fight Continues On

Financial illiteracy rooted on poor mindset and habits is one of the main causes our beloved country is poor. And TV and other media outfits wittingly or unwittingly are sources of poor mindset and habits. Again, awareness is the first step to change. So the next time you watch television, check if it contributes to your success.

The fight to improve the Filipino mindset will press on. Because it requires a certain degree of mindset shift for First World Philippines to happen.

Do you love your country? Please support Create Abundance 2020 mission of spreading financial education.

Coach Jervis
teach a man to fish and you feed him for life

The Create Abundance 2020 Business Community is looking for future entrepreneurs who will lead and contribute to the development and progress of our country. If you think you have what it takes, have a burning desire to succeed and the willingness and open-mindedness to do become a leader, then join us in the Core Team and together we will create "a world that works for all".

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mistake Equals Growth

The beauty about being in business is that I get to learn new things every single day. Be it about in business, about life, about pursuit of success, and failure, you nameit!
New lessons seems to pop up on a daily basis.
This is what I call GROWTH
As Benjamin Franklin had said, If you are not growing you are dying.
No wonder I often hear from former colleagues cringe every time they discuss about life at work. They often say, "I'm not learning anything", 'I feel like I'm stuck here forever", "There is no personal growth", "It's the same old same", and
How could you expect growth to happen when you do the same things you do, over and over?
Perhaps the main reason why there's no (or little) growth being in a job is that as a worker, you are not allowed to commit mistakes. Because if you commit a mistake in your job, it will be costly on the perspective of the business where you are
working for. You might be even charged or fined for the losses or worst, get fired.
But in business or life in general, making mistakes is the fastest way to learn and to grow. Because it will present you an opportunity to correct the mistakes, and as long
as you improve and grow yourself from that mistake, you will bring
yourself closer to your goals.

Make mistakes and the sooner you make them, the sooner you'll become successful.
As my mentor always remind us, money follows growth! If you want more money in your life, allow yourself to grow a thousand or even a million times.
Cheers to your endless growth!,
Coach Jervis
"Motivated to succeed"

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Why Do You Need Financial Education Anyway?

Okay, I am going to explain in a very simplistic manner why everyone should be financially educated.
The subject of money is a mystery and controversy for a lot of people. When I say a lot, i mean a lot, like millions of Filipinos.

Some would even shun discussions about pursuit of wealth creation, primarily because most of them think that becoming rich is something or relatively bad.

Although there are indeed bad rich people, it shouldn’t be used as a general rule for everyone.

What is Money

We need money to buy food so we could eat and nourish our physical needs. We need money for transport (plane, boat, bus, car, jeep, tricycle, and even pedicabs). We need to pay for the electricity. We need money to pay for water. (Who doesn’t want to take a bath?) We need money for a lot of things: communications, hobbies, playtime, wants, and even to help other people and donate to church or other cause oriented organizations.

With all these reasons, I hope you agree and understand that money itself is not bad, and the pursuit of wealth creation is neither!

It depends entirely on purpose for which great wealth is pursued. If your purpose is wicked and downright bad, then great amount of money will amplify your wickedness. But if your reason for being rich is to help other people, to solve other peoples problems, to add value to other people’s lives

Why Do You Need Financial Education

Here’s are simple reasons why


Since money allows you to have the ability to live the lifestyle you desire, then being poor in knowledge with the subject of money is equal to being slave to your job.

Why? The income you can earn from your job is limited. Highly taxed. It is equal to time spent at the job. So you are not free. You cannot do things that you love to do, while at work. You can only eat lunch according to rules set by your company. You cannot get out and go as you wish. You can only do things you are contracted to do, so they will pay you. If you don’t work, the company don’t pay. Plain and simple, it’s like prison in it’s subtlest form.

If you are financially educated, you will know how to make money work for you, instead of you working hard all day all week just for a paycheck


And because you don’t know how to manage your money, you’re probably drown in bad debt. (Yes, in case you don’t know, there are two types of debts: good debt and bad debt.)

I’m sure you know what it looks and feels like when you’re in debt with another party (person, credit card, loans, mortgages, etc) You work hard to make payments. You stress yourself out by extending over time at work, to increase your salary because a great share of your wage is already eaten up by your bad debts (also known as liabilities).

And you whine when tax eats up several thousand of pesos, and sadly, you just whine but never do anything

Newsflash! These bad debts come from your bad spending habits. And bad spending habits are result of financial illiteracy!


Have you experienced watching a movie, and when you watched it was horrible and ugly? And you hated it!

Would you go back and watch it again? Of course not! (I’m 101% sure that would be your answer) Why would anyone with a sound mind would watch a horrible movie again?

You will not see that movie again because you have a choice not to!

But when it comes to your job. There will come a time that you will hate it, if you don’t yet feel it. Admit it or not, you will hate getting to work for a lot of common reasons:

>> You work hard and your paycheck seems not worth your effort
>> You like your job and do your best but your boss gets the credit
>> You work hard and juggle different loads even if it’s not in your job description when you were hired
>> You used to like your job, but now you’re bored. It seems like there’s no more growth. Nakabobo as they say in the vernacular
>> You’ve been working for years and you feel like the company doesn’t recognize you. They don’t promote you
>> You complain a lot about your salary and the taxes witheld
>> and the list goes on and on

Despite these reasons, enough to really hate it, you still wake up in the morning Monday to Friday (and sometimes even Saturday and Sunday) and hurry towards your job. You hate it but you still do it. Because you “don’t have a choice” and it pays for your bills and expenses.

If you are financially educated, again, you will learn how to make money work for you, instead of you the one working for money.

When you do, you will have a choice. A choice to live a lifestyle according to your wishes and purposes. A choice to design the course of your life the way you want it, and not be dictated by circumstances and other people.

Becoming wise about money and learning financial education is a choice itself. You need to choose to be financially educated.

Are you ready to choose to be rich?

If you are, start your journey to freedom from bad debt and freedom of choice. Learn financial education through the Create Abundance 2020 community Wealth Courses and Cashflow events. RSVP to these Events by sending me sms or leave a message in the comment form.

Jervis Salvador
"teach a man to fish and you feed him for life"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you Ready to be in Business?

The following exercise is a test to determine if you have what it takes to be in business.
This will see why you should be owning the corporate ladder instead of struggling to climb it.

1. You get bored at work

2. You don't believe in job security anymore

3. You're tired taking orders

4. You value time freedom so much that you want it

5. You have a burning desire for wealth

6. You feel like you're not being paid well

7. You're tired jumping from job to job

8. You don't believe that a pay raise or a new job with higher salary will get you ahead

9. You work so hard and earning too little

10. You like the challenge of starting and owning a business

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Bakit Mayaman Ka Na Ba?

When I was still employed, I always get this response whenever I invite from the people close to me at work to our Wealth Course seminars.

Bakit mayaman ka na ba? (Why are you rich already?)

Bakit yumaman ka na ba dyan? (Why did you become rich from that?)

E di mayaman ka na nyan? (You are already rich then?)

Wag mo kami kakalimutan pag mayaman ka na ha? (Don't forget about us when you become rich, ha?)

The pattern of their response clearly states the kind of mindset that they have - a poor mindset rooted on scarcity.

If those persons are excellent receivers, they would have realized that the learning chance I'm inviting them could be the single opportunity that can make them rich in mindset (and in wallet).

Since their mindset is based on scarcity, they deliberately looked at it as something of a waste of time, a waste of energy and waste of money. So they would rather focused on the carrots (salary/benefits) being wagged in front of them.

Someone with an abundant mindset would dwell on the perspective that this is a chance for them to grow, to learn, to gain something of value.

And because they resist learning new lessons and values for personal growth, aren't they as good as dead people walking this planet?

My Response

I'm not yet rich but I am going there because I have a millionaire mind. Because true wealth is not entirely measured on the amount of money that you have but by the value you add to other people's lives.

They may have thousands o even millions of pesos (waiting in retirement pay) in their possession but where is the joy when only the individual gets to benefit from it? That's being selfish to its finest.That's scarcity

They may have a high paying job, but it's ironic that they complain about working overtime everyday and sometimes they bring home work until the wee hours of the morning. That's playing the victim role instead of being proactive and take action towards self fulfillment.

My prayer for them is to wake up someday to realize that the power to control their lives is in their hands, not from their employers.

This is Jervis, writing from my heart's content

If you don't want to be the donkey chasing your carrots, why not learn business? Join and this community will learn you on how to create your abundant life, because this community is Create Abundance.

Jervis Salvador
I Live to Add Value to Others

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cars and People

Car needs FUEL to run

To do what it's creator designed it for

To live its purpose of transporting people and things

To function

To be useful

If a car LOSES it's FUEL

It will not run

It's dysfunctional

It will be useless

Eventually it will just be stuck somewhere

Where it will be eaten away by rust until..

It will be as good as a junk piece of metal... DEAD!

What about us, humans?

I see some similarities with cars.
Allow me to point them out.

What do people need to become useful?

To live according to what the Creator designed humans for?

People needs DREAMS to live his life.

To keep him from striving for a meaningful stay on this earth

To live his purpose

To love and share

To be a useful living creature of this world

If a person LOSES his DREAMS

He is a dead man walking this world

He wakes up every morning bored and don't know what to do

He is useless and dysfunctional

He let circumstances dictate his life

He looks ugly inside and out

Eventually he will just be stuck somewhere

Where he will succumb to nothingness, living a meaningless life

Until he loses the point of existence in this world... DEAD!

Now reflect on these:

Do you still have your dream?

Are you still holding on to it?

Are your actions everyday will let you achieve your dream?


You've quit a long time ago because no matter how hard you work, you can't seem to even move an inch towards your lifelong goals?

Do you work to live? (or)
Live to work?

DREAMS are our FUEL to a purposeful LIFE.

It keeps us to move forward.

And it never runs out.

The Core Team of Create Abundance is so much more than simply just a group of people doing business-teaching business.

We empower people -- like YOU -- to really really see how living a life of purpose is all worth.

"Core Team Winning Expressions, Ultimate Warrior Leadership Camp, April 25, 2010"

What about you?

Are you a shining car driving the pavement of life with unlimited fuel?

Or a rusting sedan ready to be thrown in pit of junks?

Your choice!

If you're interested to LIVE your DREAMS, join the community that will change the course of this country-- Create Abundance 2020

Jervis Salvador
"Teach A Man To Fish And You Feed Him For Life"
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