Monday, December 21, 2009

He Choose To Live A Life of Abundance

What’s in a name? – William Shakespeare

Who the heck is Jervis? And why are you reading this piece?
Jervis was born and raised in Angeles City, a Kapampangan.
His parents are Ilocanos, from the Nueva Ecija lands.
His father came from a poor family who only knew farming.
His mother is only daughter of a poor couple.

Jervis is an electrical engineer.
He studied hard to become a licensed one.
He even worked for his college tuition to graduate.
He once believed becoming an engineer will raise his status in life.
That he will be able to get rich and improve his family’s lot.
That was his father’s belief too.
So his dad always said, study hard, get good grades, so you can get a secure and high-paying work
7 years ago, he worked in Laguna with a thousand folks.
He worked there for 5 long years.
He worked harder and harder during those 5 years.
One time too many, he even worked 48 hours straight without sleep.
With a mediocre salary that can only support his basic needs without a penny to keep.
In a big factory of hard disk drives.

His father went to Saudi Arabia the year when he was born.
He only see his dad every 2 years when he goes home.
He grew up basically without his father on the side.
He grew up somewhat with an incomplete family and no one else to confide.
Throughout his 28 years of existence, he was only able to be with his dad for less than 1000 days combined.
Today, his father is still in Saudi Arabia, already working beyond retirement age, I'm certain he's tired.
His three brothers are in abroad too.
His eldest and youngest siblings are in Saudi Arabia, with his father.
The other one is in Canada, working for McDonalds.

They are all working overseas as employees for first world nations.
What his dad has demonstrated in life, his brothers are also doing.
But not him.
He choose the other way around.
He choose to stay in his motherland.
He believe that getting a job overseas with a dollars pay is not a solution to the common problems in life—problem of poverty.
He believe he can change the course of his life.
He earnestly believe he can change the course of his family’s plight.
He definitely believe he can bring back home his dad and brothers.
And he sees one day in the future, his family will be in one home together.

So he started changing his ways.
He began changing his thoughts in a haste.
He threw all his old books and old reading.
And read stories of successful people, and mindset-changing.
He quit his first job.
Got a replacement work with low pay, but with more time to spare for his life-changing ways.
And then one fine sunny day,
He found Create Abundance 2020.
A business community who love to help people.
A business school whose passion is to change the mindset of the Filipinos.
A community of persons who are purpose-driven.
A community of people motivated by big dreams and goals.
A community who sees Philippines—becoming a first world nation.
A community who wants financial freedom for everyone.
A community he considers, his rich family, with a rich dad, a rich mom and rich brothers and rich sisters.
Who are always there to support him, through thick and thin.
Who cry with him whenever he’s sad.
And laugh at joyous moments and times.

Jervis found a rich home.
Where he will grow strong, rich and abundant.
He welcomes failures so he can achieve success.
He empowers others to reach for their visions.
He breathes abundance so he can realized his dreams…
For himself.
For his family.
And for others.

This is his story.
A story of choosing to live a life of abundance.

How about you? What are you living for?

Jump for Freedom

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