Thursday, March 4, 2010

Power of Our Thoughts

Henry Ford says, "whether you believe you can do something or you can't do something, you're right.

And he is absolutely right!

Our thoughts about ourselves determines the kind of life that we live.

If you say to yourself, "I CAN'T do it" Well guess what? You really can't.

But if you say to yourself, "I CAN do it". You definitely will.

These thoughts shapes our being and emotions which drives the kind of actions we take, or we don't take.

If you are living a life of struggle, you have thoughts about uncertainty and indecisiveness. Fear of something blankets your being.

If you are poor, you have poor words and thoughts. You probably lack self-esteem and live one day at a time. Tomorrow's come what may. You don't believe yourself that you can.

If you are happy, you think happy thoughts! It's impossible to express feelings of happiness when you're hurt or lonely deep inside.

If you are rich, you have a rich mindset. Your thoughts are about abundance and your actions purpose driven.

The good news is, we can control our thoughts. We can definitely regulate the feelings and emotions by the ideas we put within us.

Read further and take a look at the type of information you feed in your mind.

Television - what shows do you often see? Is it bad news and telenovelas? What kind of movies do you cry on or go gaga with? Unknowingly, when you always see or hear stories about betrayal, mistrust, infidelity (some of the typical plots of Filipino telenovelas and movies) you induce into your subconscious brain these attitudes.

Print media - what do you read? Which section of the newspaper do you spend time on, the frontpage or the business section? Tabloid or broadsheet? FHM or Entrepreneur? If you eat bad news for breakfast, don't be surprised when bad news greets your entire day.

Books - Rich Dad Poor Dad or Harry Potter?
Secrets of the Millionaire Mind or Twilight?
You can either be a wizard and vampire or be the next happy rich guy or gal.

Internet - where do you hang out online? Plowing virtual farms or reading sites and blogs that enrich your being i.e. health, wealth and success

Who do you talk to often - poor mindset people who always complain, blame and justify, or rich mindset people who think, breath and live abundance?

As you can see, you have the power in your hands to shape your thoughts and your life. You can control the images, sounds and words you absorb.

Self Assessment Exercise

1. Do you like the way your life is right now? In terms of love, spiritual and financial.

2. If yes, what is it that you like about it?

3. If not, are you willing to change it?

If you want to change something, the best time to do it is NOW.

And it will start by changing the way that you think.
Whatever you think is real becomes your reality - Robert Kiyosaki

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