Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is Success Guaranteed?

All of us want to be successful. Yes, or Yes?

(Raise your hand and comment below why you don’t want to reach the success you’ve dreamed of)

The answer to the question “Is Success Guaranteed?” is a big NO.

The Meaning of Success

We may have different interpretations of what Success means, so to keep you readers on the same page as I am, let me define what I mean with it.

Examples of Successes

  • Finishing first in a 100-meter track and field tournament is success for an athlete runner.
  • Giving birth to a healthy child is success for a willing mother.
  • Passing the RN board exams is success for a future nurse.
  • Winning the election is success for a presidential aspirant.
  • If you subscribe to the idea of this blog and act on it, is success to the author.

Success in general is the realization of an objective.

I am referring to the ultimate success of all. For me, the realization of a person’s dreams and life goals is the ultimate success.

Fact is, dreams and goals cost money.

Let me show you why.

Say, your dream is just to have a simple life with a simple family living in a simple house in a simple place, with a simple car. You would send your children to a simple school. You’d travel (with the entire family, of
course) to places at least once in a year. You want also simple things like tv, ref, phone, fixtures and others.

My dream calculator says:

Simple house – 2,000,000

Simple car – 300,000

Simple school (15 years at 20000 per year tuition) – 300,000

Simple travel (you wouldn’t want to travel alone right?) – 500,000

Simple things – 100,000

Based on above assumptions, to have your simple dreams fulfilled, you need 3.2 million pesos.

Excluding all the other necessities to live such as food, clothing, daily transport, utilities. Does it still sound simple? I don’t think so anymore.

Now what if you have BIG dreams? You can just imagine how BIG the cost you need to get to your dreams. Agree? =)

Failure is Guaranteed

Unfortunately for most, Filipinos are educated and trained to become employees. It is because the education system was and still is designed to produce employees instead of entrepreneurs.

Can you get to your dreams if you’re an employee? Answer: Absolutely not

Okay, you may be a high salaried joe with a 6-digit wage. This brings me to another fact.

Dreams need time. Time to spend your dreams with the ones that matter to you most. And I know that employee executives in a company spends more time than rank and file. Which gives them less valuable time to spend their high income.

Just ask yourself if your happy with the current state of your life. (I bet all of you would answer no.)

What is guaranteed in life? Answer: Failure.

Doing nothing entails failure. If you do nothing, nothing will happen and that will not get you any closer to your ultimate success.

If you do something, something will happen. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll be successful immediately. But if you keep on doing something, something is going to keep on happening. That’s where success will come in

Business is the only fighting chance we all have to reach our goals and dreams. Not just any business but big business as described here (click me). It’s because it’s business that will give you cashflow without you needing to work for money in exchange of time.

We, Core Team of Create Abundance, our mission is to share to you ways and means to learn business, to learn financial education. We learn it effectively by doing the real thing Because we want our dream of First World Philippines to happen. We want to succeed.

Are your DREAMS important to you? If yes, start doing something TODAY.

Jervis Salvador, teach a man to fish and you feed him for life

If you wish to start your journey to your dreams and would like to join our business community, sign-up to with an invite from "Jervis"

Good LUCK! Success awaits those who stand and make it happen

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