Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ten Reasons Why Join CA2020

Whether you know it or not, you have a reason why you are here in this world. Isn't life worth living when everyday you wake up in the morning, you're happy because you are doing, breathing and living your reason for being?

Here are top ten reasons I share for those people who wants to know more about CA2020 and why they should be joining this awesome community.

1. Learn financial education, effectively!

Not a single soul get rich or financially free just by reading books or attending seminars.

The mission of CA2020 community is to spread financial education. We effectively carry out this mission by pure volunteering and service to others so they may realize that there's life beyond poverty and financial struggle. We teach and coach business based on actual lessons we get from real businesses.

2. Volunteer

If service to others is your calling, or simply you want to share a part of you -- for others -- then CA2020 is the community for you. You'll share part of your effort and time in doing the mission... because we are a community of 'mission before commission'.

3. Learn and Do Business and Investments

In CA2020, we learn business by doing real business. We invest time and OPM to gain time and money freedom

We are what we do, not only by what we read or say.

4. Growth

In the community, you'll find out why currently your financial status is right there below and outrageously far away from your dreams. As my mentor always say, "Money follows Growth"

This growth is about your emotions, intelligence, experience and mindset.

5. Communication Skills
Get a world class training when it comes to creating, honing, developing and improving your communication to people.Business is about relationships and trust. Good communication is the channel of good and trustworthy business relationships

6. Leadership

True leadership comes when you get to lead other people to success. Everyday, the core team members lead themselves and others in doing our mission of service to others.

7. Network

When you join CA2020, you'll get to be friends with people from a wide range of diversity - from cartoonist, doctors, engineers, realtors, CPAs, lawyers, public service-personnels, IT specialists, environmentalist, vegetarian, and so much more - having the same mindset of abundance, rich and success.

All of them dream and making First World Philippines happen.

8. Selling and marketing

Learn selling and marketing in today's information age. In the Core Team, we train ourselves in both traditional and non-traditional methods of marketing and selling. Our efforts are measured not by grades and report cards but by the amount of money we create.

9. Add value to other people's lives

In CA2020, we treat business like marriage. CA2020 is family to us. We learn from each other, we grow from each other.

By simply attending our community programs and events, you will gain insights to discovering what financial success means to you, the importance of beliefs and goals and taking steps to make your success happen. You will gain value from our wealth courses and Cashflow gatherings, because we simply embody giving value to other people's lives.

10. Know your reason for existence

Have you really put a good thought about what's your purpose in this world?

Whether you know it or not, you have a reason why you are here in this world. Isn't life worth living when everyday you wake up in the morning, you're happy because you are doing, breathing and living your reason for being?

All core team members joined because they choose to join, for definite reasons and for purposes. They choose a path where they don't want a life of just going with the flow, and their actions dictated by circumstances and by other people.

They joined because they choose to create their lives according to their purposes and their dreams.

How about you?

Do you wake up everyday excited to do what you're up to? Seriously, go ask yourself these questions.

Who knows, CA maybe the one thing you've been looking for.

The Core Team of CA2020 at Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas
Join today and become part of the community dedicated to creating a world of possibilities... a world that works for all.
I empower People to Success

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