Monday, March 29, 2010

The Importance of Dreams

What if one day, you lost your dreams?

What if one day, you wake-up in the morning bored?

What if one day, you lost your desire to be the person you wish to become in the future?

What if that one day is today?

Would you let circumstances dictate your way?

Would you let other people design your life based on what they say about you?

Would you let others steal your dreams away from you?

Would you let fear take away your future?

Too many questions.

But get this.

Dreams excites the person within us. Try to remember some event in the past when you were day dreaming. Picture out the smile drawn in your face. The excitement you felt by just imagining something that you wish you have. Isn't it amazing?

These feelings of excitement drives us to DO and to ACT based what we want to achieve.

And through taking action we get results, we get our dreams.

The bigger our dreams, the bigger the actions needed for it to be realized.

I admire Martin Luther King Jr's dream for racial equality and end discrimination. It is an example of a humble and great vision that contributed to the well being of a lot of people. It took a huge amount of effort fighting for civil rights at the time. It even took his life.

Whenever dreams are lost, taken away, or put into oblivion, that's the moment we lose our selves.

Stop the action and the momentum equals ceasing producing results.

Because I believe we define ourselves by the kind of dreams and desires we set ourselves.

Would you still let your dreams get lost?


Jervis Salvador earnestly believe in the vision of Create Abundance 2020 of creating First World Philippines for the Filipinos.

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