Friday, March 26, 2010

Winning and Losing

During my high school days, I'm an avid basketball fanatic. I religiously follow PBA and the NBA.

The concept of winning first occurred to me as I watched Sunkist team led by the Aerial Voyager Vergel Meneses collect trophies in 1995. Michael Jordan was on his second rise to fame when he led the Bulls on it's 3-peat championship.

After all these years, the losers of those basketball era are buried in the sea of memories. It's because everybody loves winners.

In business, there are Winners and Losers

In the book, Why We Want You To Be Rich, Donald Trump the billionaire who created the hit reality show The Apprentice - a winner in almost all points of view in business - chose to partner with another winner, Robert Kiyosaki, a real-estate and financial education guru who wrote the phenomenal Rich Dad Poor Dad and created the board game CashFlow 101 and 202.

It will not make sense if Trump co-wrote a book that aims to educate people and then partner with a poor loser. That is totally not a good way to influence people on lessons about getting rich and wealthy.

Are you with a winner or loser?

Go ask yourself if you're on the winning side of life or the losing end. You can simply do a check on the people you get advices from.

If ever you want to start or learn about business, it would be foolish to ask a friend or a relative that have the slightest idea about making one. It's no different when you want to learn a sport, like tennis. You don't go to your dad and ask him how to play tennis, unless of course he's Roger Federer. You go to someone who is an expert, a coach that plays and teaches tennis and have a lot of experience.

It's no different when you want to to become rich and financially free. It would be foolish to ask a co-employee about investing when he/she don't even know how to 'spell' passive income.

Work with Winners and You Will Smell Victory

It's a simple math, if you want to be financially successful, listen to those who have done it, succeeded and have results. It would be unwise to take advise from people you barely know. Practice due diligence, and take action.

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