Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cars and People

Car needs FUEL to run

To do what it's creator designed it for

To live its purpose of transporting people and things

To function

To be useful

If a car LOSES it's FUEL

It will not run

It's dysfunctional

It will be useless

Eventually it will just be stuck somewhere

Where it will be eaten away by rust until..

It will be as good as a junk piece of metal... DEAD!

What about us, humans?

I see some similarities with cars.
Allow me to point them out.

What do people need to become useful?

To live according to what the Creator designed humans for?

People needs DREAMS to live his life.

To keep him from striving for a meaningful stay on this earth

To live his purpose

To love and share

To be a useful living creature of this world

If a person LOSES his DREAMS

He is a dead man walking this world

He wakes up every morning bored and don't know what to do

He is useless and dysfunctional

He let circumstances dictate his life

He looks ugly inside and out

Eventually he will just be stuck somewhere

Where he will succumb to nothingness, living a meaningless life

Until he loses the point of existence in this world... DEAD!

Now reflect on these:

Do you still have your dream?

Are you still holding on to it?

Are your actions everyday will let you achieve your dream?


You've quit a long time ago because no matter how hard you work, you can't seem to even move an inch towards your lifelong goals?

Do you work to live? (or)
Live to work?

DREAMS are our FUEL to a purposeful LIFE.

It keeps us to move forward.

And it never runs out.

The Core Team of Create Abundance is so much more than simply just a group of people doing business-teaching business.

We empower people -- like YOU -- to really really see how living a life of purpose is all worth.

"Core Team Winning Expressions, Ultimate Warrior Leadership Camp, April 25, 2010"

What about you?

Are you a shining car driving the pavement of life with unlimited fuel?

Or a rusting sedan ready to be thrown in pit of junks?

Your choice!

If you're interested to LIVE your DREAMS, join the community that will change the course of this country-- Create Abundance 2020

Jervis Salvador
"Teach A Man To Fish And You Feed Him For Life"

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