Friday, June 4, 2010

Bakit Mayaman Ka Na Ba?

When I was still employed, I always get this response whenever I invite from the people close to me at work to our Wealth Course seminars.

Bakit mayaman ka na ba? (Why are you rich already?)

Bakit yumaman ka na ba dyan? (Why did you become rich from that?)

E di mayaman ka na nyan? (You are already rich then?)

Wag mo kami kakalimutan pag mayaman ka na ha? (Don't forget about us when you become rich, ha?)

The pattern of their response clearly states the kind of mindset that they have - a poor mindset rooted on scarcity.

If those persons are excellent receivers, they would have realized that the learning chance I'm inviting them could be the single opportunity that can make them rich in mindset (and in wallet).

Since their mindset is based on scarcity, they deliberately looked at it as something of a waste of time, a waste of energy and waste of money. So they would rather focused on the carrots (salary/benefits) being wagged in front of them.

Someone with an abundant mindset would dwell on the perspective that this is a chance for them to grow, to learn, to gain something of value.

And because they resist learning new lessons and values for personal growth, aren't they as good as dead people walking this planet?

My Response

I'm not yet rich but I am going there because I have a millionaire mind. Because true wealth is not entirely measured on the amount of money that you have but by the value you add to other people's lives.

They may have thousands o even millions of pesos (waiting in retirement pay) in their possession but where is the joy when only the individual gets to benefit from it? That's being selfish to its finest.That's scarcity

They may have a high paying job, but it's ironic that they complain about working overtime everyday and sometimes they bring home work until the wee hours of the morning. That's playing the victim role instead of being proactive and take action towards self fulfillment.

My prayer for them is to wake up someday to realize that the power to control their lives is in their hands, not from their employers.

This is Jervis, writing from my heart's content

If you don't want to be the donkey chasing your carrots, why not learn business? Join and this community will learn you on how to create your abundant life, because this community is Create Abundance.

Jervis Salvador
I Live to Add Value to Others


  1. nice blog! =) I feel guilty coz I might give the same answer if you ask me.. hahaha.. Because I'm afraid to start something I'm not sure. Or maybe I'm just lazy... =p Nweiz, wala nmn ako jan to attend your course. Baka pwede kn lng mag-send ng course manual thru mail. =)

  2. I'm just so moved reading this. It's like an eye opener!:) Yeah..It would've been my response too! :) But as you said It's in our hands. But do I start? Can you please tell me how can I attend this seminars and are all these for FREE or if not how much do I need to pay? Thanks and God Bless You More! :)

  3. @Irma, thanks for the comment. The community of CA2020 provides learning discussions also via online methods, such as Skype. If you really want to attend the course, it is now possible because of the internet :-)

    I suggest you read the guidelines of the Online Wealth Course here

    "Your tomorrow is the result of the things that you do today"

    So start creating your beautiful future today! :)

  4. @Romina Yes, success is in your hands. It is not something that others will drop in your lap. You are the one to make it! :)

    I sent you an email in to get you started today.

    Regards and hope to see you in our events :)


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