Thursday, June 24, 2010

Are you Ready to be in Business?

The following exercise is a test to determine if you have what it takes to be in business.
This will see why you should be owning the corporate ladder instead of struggling to climb it.

1. You get bored at work

2. You don't believe in job security anymore

3. You're tired taking orders

4. You value time freedom so much that you want it

5. You have a burning desire for wealth

6. You feel like you're not being paid well

7. You're tired jumping from job to job

8. You don't believe that a pay raise or a new job with higher salary will get you ahead

9. You work so hard and earning too little

10. You like the challenge of starting and owning a business

If you agree to most or all of these, you just have enough reasons why you should be starting your own business. -- Teach2Fish promotes financial education to the Filipinos Supported by Create Abundance 2020 Business Community Sign-up today at

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