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Pinoy Drama, Bad News and Instant Millionaires

Why change?

If things don’t work out anymore, it’s time to change.

If you’ve been doing the same activities over and over again and you are expecting different results --that’s insanity according to Albert Einstein. It’s time to change.

When you realize you have more misses than hits and your personal goals in life seem far fetched. When you realize what you’ve been doing all these years will never get you to the life you desire, it’s high time to be aware that you need change. And lots of changes!

“Awareness is the first step to change” – Module 1

When I was a kid, television was the thing people spend most of their time during the entire day. Today, the computer and internet grabbed a share of the total distractions and busyness of most people’s lives. But television hasn’t lost its glory yet. With the advent of LCDs and plasmas, television just shows it’s here to stay.

Television is a channel of information, entertainment and whatever. Therefore, it’s not difficult to translate that these television shows play a major contribution to the formation of the mindset of its viewers. So what does the local television shows contribute to the Filipino mindset? Read on to find out.

Here’s a rundown of the usual stuff you’ll see on TV

News – being a college campus journalist several years back, I had an experience being a newsman, an editorial and opinion writer. And in journalism, whether print, radio or broadcast, good news is no news. Bad news is good news. In short, all we see on news channels are bad news. I’m definitely sure you will agree bad news is a source of negative thoughts.

Dramas – do you still remember these shows? Mara Clara, Anna Luna, Agila, Esperanza, Habang May Buhay, Mula sa Puso, Marimar, Maria La del Bario, Meteor Rain and the list goes on and on. Most of these shows appeared on prime time when most people are glued on TV.

Basically all tv drama stories are the same. The antagonist is a rich bastard who took advantage of the poor bida. No wonder almost everyone is emotional and full of drama in their lives. What I just realize while writing this is the reason why the same kinds of shows are still seen on local television since as far as I remember. And it’s because it is a very profitable market for the broadcast industries. Filipinos are generally emotional, they create shows that feed on these emotions capturing this market and eventually make profit!

The point is, being too emotional doesn’t contribute to having a positive attitudes and success.

Game shows – I admit, I love watching Eat Bulaga during my high school. But again awareness is the first step to change. So, I don’t watch the show anymore, neither Wowowee, Game Ka Na Ba, PBB, etc. Simply because these kinds of shows encourage the attitude of dependent on sheer dumb luck. It promotes laziness! It pushes people to procrastinate and have their dreams lie in the hands of hosts of pera or bayong and laban o bawi. It propagates the poor mentality among its viewers.

Again, these kind of shows feed on the poor demographic. According to a 2006 poverty statistic report, there are 27.6 million poor Filipinos. The market is really big for this business and I’m sure giving away 1 million pesos is not that a big deal. Game shows appear to be the last string of hope for these poor folks. But unfortunately, in my opinion, giving away money will never do any good to anyone. It’s similar to giving people fish instead of teaching them how to fish. Do not be surprise when that poverty number will increase.

Reasons to Turn-off or Shy Away from the TV

Negative stories and thoughts.
Too much emotional drama feeding on fear instead of courage.
Procrastination, laziness and poor mentality habits.

These are totally inexistent in the mindset and being of a winner, of a successful person.

Laying your future on pure luck is insanity. What is the probability that your SMS entry will be picked as the winner? That’s like 1 out of 27 million, a 0.0000003% or 0(zero) chance of winning it. Zero chance of winning it because there’s no performance involved. But if you take action towards your future and you put it in your hands, you persevere and you perform to your highest ability, you can definitely affect the outcome. You can definitely meet success.

Negative thoughts leads to negative actions and negative actions yield to negative results and loser position. I’m not saying to shut your world from the news. You see, bad news really does happen. It’s been happening since as far as I remember. What I’m suggesting is to dis-associate from openly seeking sources of negative thoughts. Just ask yourself, what good does it give whenever you watch news? It will just give you headache and makes you feel bad. When you do, the rest of your day is ruined. If there’s news that you really need to know, someone or somewhere you’ll find it out.

Winners take action continuously, proactively and never in their mind procrastination, poor mindset and laziness. In life, there are winners and losers. Our habits speak whether we are a winner or not.

The Fight Continues On

Financial illiteracy rooted on poor mindset and habits is one of the main causes our beloved country is poor. And TV and other media outfits wittingly or unwittingly are sources of poor mindset and habits. Again, awareness is the first step to change. So the next time you watch television, check if it contributes to your success.

The fight to improve the Filipino mindset will press on. Because it requires a certain degree of mindset shift for First World Philippines to happen.

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Coach Jervis
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