Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Taxi Driver's Appeal

Everyday is always extraordinary.

Whenever I ride a taxi, I always pull and anticipate a quality conversation with the man in the driver seat.

It was 15 minutes prior 2pm of yesterday when I boarded a typical white taxi along Kalayaan Avenue ~ a few meters from Saint Andrew’s Church in Reposo, Makati.

The sun was up blasting it’s usual painful UV rays, so riding the jeepney would surely make me sweat. Besides I was really in a hurry so I took a cab and sped off.

Manong driver was old, wearing glasses and a cap. His entire hair is almost white. He was silent at first. The radio was on and tuned-in to an A.M. station.

I wasn’t particularly paying attention to it, until there was a female voice iterating her success story about finally claiming her pension from SSS after probably hurdling some “delays” and “stressful issues”, purportedly with the help of the radio station’s public service unit.

Literally, as soon as the radio commercial kicked in, Manong driver heave a long sigh of desperation. Immediately he uttered expletive words cursing the pension institution.

Obviously, he was complaining about SSS’s inadequacies and delays in releasing pensions to retirees.

He further cement his claim when he told me that he was already 64 years old, still working as a poor taxi driver and literally can’t afford to retire because SSS is yet to materialize his monthly cash flow that will sustain his needs for the rest of his life.

His Kumpare suffers  the same. He shared to me his Kumpare’s fate ~got sicked and everything, and yet the claims has not been given duly.

Endless Complains Follows

He complained a lot during the 20-minute trip. He complained about SSS, blamed SSS for his inability to retire.

He complained on SSS’s allegedly giving special and quick favors to relatives or close associates when these are the ones needing help.

He even complained and blamed the government, as if the Office of the President caused all the reasons of his poor state.


This may sound rude to say, but Manong Driver is a loser!

He’s already 64 and he has yet to realize, for himself, that his entire life has been driven by circumstances and the whims of those that surrounded him.

He is a loser because he bet his entire future on SSS alone.

Yes I believe he is a hardworking man. But he was busy for most of his life. Busy trying to make a living day after day, trying to make ends meet so that his family will have food on the table and send his children to school

What he didn’t know, he was busy his entire life working hard to make somebody else’s dream happen. And that’s, the dreams of his former employers and company he worked for.

Full Circle

Almost a decade after, all of my friends are busy. Whenever I tried to reach them out, call or txt or email, they either send me a busy response or never response at all.

I share them a golden opportunity, an investment of financial education, the free wealth course, yet most of them were busy. Last year they were busy. Today they are still busy. Isn’t it funny?

The fact is, we are all busy!

Perhaps the question everyone should ask themselves, what are you busy working at? Are the things that you do today, as in now, will move you forward to something that will liberate you from modern slavery?

Think about!

Think about the taxi driver. Sooner or later, you may find yourself in the same situation... hopeless, cursing and complaining.

Remember, if you want a bright tomorrow, it has to be created today.

One question

Before I get off the taxi, I ask Manong a simple question. Ano po ang plano nyo nyan? He answered, he will do everything he could, including getting help from radio stations and superheroes. If it requires him everyday, he would literally knock on SSS doors until he get that pension which he will begin on his 65th birthday next year. I said, good luck, handed him my payment, step down and never looked back.

How about you? When are you going to be busy for your dreams?

Until then,

Coach Jervis
Business Coach
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