Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Are You Listening to Your Signs?

The last weekend wasn't good for me.

I was in the hospital seeking medical relief for the most painful case of stiff neck I had for as far as I remember.

The pain was absolutely grueling.

Every movement of muscles on the left side shoulder and neck meant immediately an avalanche of pain as if I was hit by a truck!

Getting up almost made me weep. I had to pull every effort of care to make sure not a tissue will move.

If you can measure how heavy the punches of Manny Pacquiao are, the pain I experienced saturday and sunday was like me getting beaten by the great boxer of our time.

I tell you, it was really painful!

So I spent the Sunday afternoon in the triage area of a hospital.

But this time I had to suffer again. Not from the shots of the vaccine but from the sights of: 2 deaths in the emergency trauma room, helpless looking women in wheelchairs, a lady vomiting black mucus (eew), eternal crying babies and a wandering schizo.

Perhaps, the psychological beating was more painful than the physical, won't you agree?

The Cause

The truth is, I didn't listen to the signs.

Earlier last week, I was already having a strain in the nape. Tolerable that is. So I didn’t bother.

It started as early as Tuesday. Still I didn’t bother.

The way the bed and pillow and a bunch of stuff (supposedly not in the bed) was arranged caused the straining neck. Again I didn’t listen.

Saturday morning. I went jogging with the hopes of my fat belly getting smaller. Again I didn’t listen to the hurting neck. Just as I was to finish the 2nd kilometer stretch I felt a stinging blow on the left shoulder neck area. And the rest was history.

What if

Yeah! What if I listened to the signs?

It surely made quite a difference. I wouldn’t have missed the Cashflow event last Saturday (when we have a new venue by the way).

I would not have missed the Wellness Gathering event in the late afternoon; I believe amazing and new surprises had happen in the Create Abundance community this weekend.

Instead, I spent all day, recuperating from the pain, lying down, sleeping yet hurting and almost immovable.

“I suffered because I didn’t listen to the signs”

Are you listening to your signs?

As I write these, I’m still not 100% recovered.

So I would like to ask you dear reader if you are listening to your own signs? Signs, not only of physical health but most importantly of financial well-being.

Below are examples of what could cause a personal financial crisis and disaster.

Signs of Looming Financial Disaster

1. Zero skill in managing money. Does this happen to you? You get your salary on payday. You feel happy. You spend, spend and spend, and 1 or 2 days after you’re back to square one, scrimping on what’s left over. The days feel like hell. Until payday again, you spend, spend and spend and…

2. Max-out (or almost) credit cards. It goes back to mis-management of money. Coupled with spending money on “doodads” or on things you unnecessarily need and want but takes away money from your pocket.

3. Inability to determine if an expense is an Asset or a draining Liability. Most of the time, people buy high-end cell phones, low priced installment cars, or a pre-selling condo thinking that they got the best deal because they thought that “these are investments”. They earnestly believe (especially for real estate property such as the condo) will “surely” sell for a high price in the future. (~> says who? --Jervis)

4. Lack of discipline. Need I say more?

5. Lack of, or no priorities in life. Yes, what is it that matter to you most? The next gimmick to the bar or your buried childhood dream of becoming the richest man on the planet?

6. Addiction. This applies to addiction to games, tv shows, to vices and etc. Example. At 2 pesos a pop, a stick of cigarette is really cheap. But a stick of cigarette for 365 days is 730 pesos a year. It cost you money and a hole in the lungs. And who says you’re only smoking one stick a day?

7. Fear. You’ve been saving money all your life. Because you fear that disaster might struck you one day. And you fear you don't have any money to pay for it. Well guess what, you might just get it!

8. Your neighbors opinion dictates you. You see your neighbor, either at home or the neighbor cubicle in the office or the neighbor facebook friend, sporting a brand new thing. You got jealous and you want to show to the world you are better than the rest of them so you spend for your ego.

9. The habit of over-spending. You bite more than you could chew. In short, you spend more than you earn.

10. You are easily hyped.

These are just 10 signs that will surely cause financial distress. Please add in the comments what signs you can think of.

3 Things You Can Do to Win a Healthy Financial Life

Get financially educated! You spent 4 or 5 years trying to be an accountant, or engineer, or some skilled IT guy because during the time, those that around told you that to be "successful" you must complete a college degree. Later you realize that life is really unfair. That not everyone will get a job. And even those that have job fair no better. They complain on high taxes, are stressful and all. If you spend time and money learning biology, physics and HRM, well spend time and money to learn how to make money!

Create Abundance International Community offers two (2) financial education programs that can be availed by almost anyone. The WEALTH COURSE and CASHFLOW 101. Both programs are designed to liberate your thinking from an employee mindset into an abundant big business owner mindset. (If you're interested to avail these free and paid programs, drop me a comment or txt me 09177856451)

Set goals and prioritize your life. We only get to live once. Why not live and get rich? People tend to drift because they don't know where they're going and what do they want in life. Remember, if you don't know where you're going how do you know it if you have arrived. So set your goals and bring back those dreams you had when you were a child.

Take action. Nothing happens when you just read this and that. You have to be push yourself into action to create genuine results. Embrace mistakes and failures. It’s a part of life and success. Nothing in this world succeed without ever meeting a failure. And as soon as you reach success, don’t forget to celebrate and share.

There I'm done! Hey, I just realized the weekend wasn’t bad after all!

Until the next post..

Coach Jervis
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Create Abundance International Community
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